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Motorcyclist Killed on I-15

Posted by Motorcycle Lawyer Pro | Filed under: Motorcycle Accident
October 13, 2017

A motorcyclist has been identified after a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 15 between Tropicana Avenue and Russell Road Monday morning, Oct. 10th. The incident occurred around 3:45 p.m. when Fernando Ramos, 27- years old of Las Vegas, was traveling on an access road that runs parallel to the northbound lanes of the I-15 on his Kawasaki motorcycle when he entered a painted gore at the Russell Road off-ramp. Ramos tried to avoid hitting the impact attenuator, also known as a “crash cushion”, by heavily braking.

His motorcycle struck the crash cushion head-on. Ramos was ejected from the motorcycle and struck a concrete barrier wall. Ramos died on from the force of impact with the concrete wall and his helmet. He was pronounced dead by first responders. At this time, it is unknown whether speed or other factors contributed to the crash. The off-ramp was temporarily closed while detectives conducted their investigation as to the nature of the collision. This is the NHP-Southern Command’s 47th fatal crash.

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