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Hesperia Accident At Main and Buckthorn Leaves Man Needing To Be Airlifted In Critical Condition

Posted by Corey Higgins | Filed under: Motorcycle Accident
January 10, 2024
Hesperia Accident At Main and Buckthorn Leaves Man Needing To Be Airlifted In Critical Condition

Motorcycle Collision in Hesperia Prompts Shutdown of Main Street

Hesperia, CA (January 9, 2024) – In a tragic incident on Saturday, a motorcycle crash at the intersection of Main Street and Buckthorn Avenue left a motorcycle rider with critical injuries. The collision transpired at 4:44 p.m. on January 6, 2024, involving a dark 2013 Ford F-350 and a black motorcycle, potentially a Harley Davidson, equipped with bags.

Mercy Air Airlifted Motorcycle Rider To Out of Area Trauma Center

The San Bernardino County Fire promptly responded to the scene, mobilizing efforts to aid the injured motorcyclist. Recognizing the severity of the injuries, officials called for a helicopter to airlift the rider to a trauma center. Initial medical response involved transporting the injured individual to Hesperia airport via ground ambulance, followed by a Mercy Air helicopter transfer to an out-of-area trauma center.

In response to the incident, the City of Hesperia Public Works employees implemented a hard closure along Main Street, affecting both directions between Peach Avenue and Sultana Street. An update on the current condition of the rider remains unavailable as further investigation into the crash is underway.

Accident Underscores The Importance of Riding Safely When In Heavy Traffic

The incident underscores the importance of caution on the road, particularly in busy traffic, and highlights the need for heightened awareness of motorcycles. As a preventive measure, both motorists and riders are encouraged to enhance visibility and practice defensive driving. By fostering collaboration, the community can actively contribute to the prevention of motorcycle accidents and promote overall road safety.

Hesperia Accident At Main and Buckthorn Leaves Man Needing To Be Airlifted In Critical Condition

Location On Main Street and Buckthorn Ave. Left a Motorcycle Rider In Critical Condition

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