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Victorville Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider In Hospital

Posted by Robert Koenig | Filed under: Motorcycle Accident
December 7, 2023
Victorville Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider In Hospital

Rider Hospitalized in Motorcycle Accident in Victorville

Victorville, CA (December 5, 2023) — A man sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash near the intersection of Amargosa Road and Luna Road. The incident occurred on Saturday around 3:00 p.m., prompting a swift response from emergency services.

Man Injured in Motorcycle Crash near Amargosa Rd and Luna Rd

Reports indicate that a Harley-Davidson was involved in the crash under unclear circumstances, leading to the motorcycle colliding in the northbound lanes of Amargosa Road near Luna Road. Paramedics and Victorville officers quickly arrived at the scene to provide assistance.

In the aftermath of the crash, paramedics transported the injured man to Victor Valley Global Medical Center before subsequently airlifting him to a trauma center. Encouragingly, the victim remained responsive during the rescue operation.

Details regarding the cause of the crash and the number of vehicles involved, if any, were not immediately available. The Victorville Police Department has initiated an investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Rider Hospitalized in Motorcycle Accident in Victorville

Location On Victorville Where Rider Hospitalized in Motorcycle Accident

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