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Sacramento Motorcyclist Hits Pedestrian On El Camino Avenue

Posted by Donald Stevenson | Filed under: Motorcycle Accident
May 15, 2024
Sacramento Motorcyclist Hits Pedestrian On El Camino Avenue

Pedestrian Struck by Motorcyclist in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA (May 14, 2024) — A pedestrian was struck by a motorcycle on El Camino Avenue at Del Paso Boulevard in Old North Sacramento on Tuesday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The accident occurred under unclear circumstances when a motorcyclist hit a man who was crossing the street. Paramedics arrived promptly and transported the injured pedestrian to a hospital, where doctors treated him for minor injuries.

Investigators Are Still Trying To Determine The Factors That Led To The Accident

While the exact cause of the crash remains unknown, authorities noted that the motorcycle was possibly traveling at around 25 miles per hour at the time of the incident.

The CHP is seeking any witnesses who may have information about the accident to come forward.

Safety officials emphasize the importance of vigilance for both pedestrians and drivers to minimize the risk of accidents. We advise pedestrians to increase their visibility at night, cross only when roads are clear, and never assume drivers see them. Drivers are urged to stay alert and reduce speed in areas with high pedestrian activity.

Sacramento Motorcyclist Hits Pedestrian On El Camino Avenue

Accident Location on El Camino Avenue at Del Paso Boulevard

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