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Otay Mesa Motorcycle Collision Leaves Rider and Passenger Injured

Posted by Chris Dibbern | Filed under: Motorcycle Accident
January 5, 2024
Otay Mesa Motorcycle Collision Leaves Rider and Passenger Injured

2 Injured In Motorcycle Collision On Britannia Blvd.

Otay Mesa, CA (January 4, 2024) — A motorcycle crash at the intersection of Britannia Boulevard and Highway 905 left two individuals with serious injuries on Friday morning, according to a report from the San Diego Police Department.

Motorcycle Rider Ignored Red Light and Crashed Into A Charger Turning Left

The incident transpired at 7:23 a.m., involving a 25-year-old man operating a Dodge Charger. The Charger came to a halt at a red light on the eastbound Highway 905 off-ramp to Britannia Boulevard. Concurrently, a 27-year-old man and his 29-year-old male passenger were traveling southbound on Britannia Boulevard aboard an Italika FT 150.

When the traffic signal granted the Charger a green light, it initiated a left turn onto northbound Britannia Boulevard. Unfortunately, at the same time, the motorcycle, disregarding the red light, entered the intersection, leading to a collision with the left side of the Charger.

Motorcycle Rider and Passenger Sustained Significant Injuries

The consequences were severe for the motorcycle occupants, as the rider sustained a fractured thighbone, while the passenger suffered two fractured vertebrae. Both victims received immediate medical attention at a local hospital. In contrast, the unidentified driver of the Charger emerged from the incident unscathed.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision to determine any contributing factors. As the investigation unfolds, more details may be revealed regarding the incident at Britannia Boulevard and Highway 905.

Otay Mesa Motorcycle Collision Leaves Rider and Passenger Injured

Location On Britannia Blvd. Where A Motorcycle Crashed Into A Dodge Charger

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